SOFT OLED LCD Display Assembly for iPhone X (GX)

Brand New and High-Quality Soft OLED (GX) Display Assembly For iPhone X.

Compatible with iPhone X. Model: A1865, A1901, A1902.

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  • Brand New and High-Quality  Soft OLED (GX) Display Assembly for iPhone X.
  • This part fixes most screen issues like cracks, dead pixel, unresponsive touch, discolored spots or scratch.
  • High-Quality Screen provides smooth responsiveness to touch.
  • The LCD fits the device perfectly.
  • Compatible with iPhone X only.
  • Prior to installing, please test the new LCD by connecting the flex.
  • While installing, please take extra care so that you don’t rip the flex or break/damage any components of the replacement part and/or the device. 
  • Covered under warranty.